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there's all the info. pay attention!
I'm not going to be talking about anything that's particularly obscure today.  It's not like healthcare or anything complex, everything I'm saying here is stuff that you can easily find with a single search.  That's why i'm not gonna post links.

The reason I'm posting this, then, is simply to illustrate and ridicule of mainstream news' marriage with the regressive left (by that i mean the numbskulls that played right into Trump's hands during the election).

So, here's the punchline and supporting clauses, just so you know where i'm going
- The regressive left and the news outlets are showing outrage over the firing of FBI Director Comey because (I suspect) they fear that Trump will go after Hillary for TREASON
    - in case you already forgot, Hillary (and generally everyone else who tried to promote her) blamed Comey for the election loss ... i suspect Comey was the patsy
    - Trump isn't an idiot, if you look at his actions and "stupid things he says" he actually gets what he wants by making key gullible people angry
    - If Hillary does get indicted for Treason (plenty of evidence) it would be ruinous for the regressive left.

Immediately after the election, Trump gave his customary acceptance speech, offered the usual concise polite letter to the defeated opponent, etc.  Hillary's camp barely gave a concession speech (it seemed apparent they didn't even have one ready) then fell silent for a week.  THEN ... Hillary came out and blamed FBI Director Comey for the loss.  As you remember: he launched 2 investigations against Hillary, both of which were basically a farce.  Tons of incriminating evidence with all the leaks and everything then "oops, we won't proceed".  This happened about 2 months out, then roughly a week or two before (the second attempt was just embarrassing because they had obscene thousands of emails to sift through and claimed they did it in under a week.
So to recap: Hillary was mad at Comey because he launched an incomplete TREASON investigation.  (instead of ... say ... Hillary lost because she was a horrible candidate)

Since then, because the news media was in bed with the DNC (see also leaked debate questions via CNN), they kinda hopped on board to paint Comey responsible and a bad person.  When he got put on the congressional panel, the media covered it because Comey is a bad person.

So, Trump fires him for these mishandled investigations (along with everything else).


And now people are angry.
The most sad example is the Cobert show.  He tells his liberal audience that Trump fired Comey and the audience cheers.  Then Cobert has to correct and re-educate his audience why it's suddenly a bad thing.

Biggest thing I've learned is not to take the news at face value.  Always assume there's a motivation behind why the editors are picking the stories they choose to run.

"But, Jon!  The news plays an important part in our society by telling us unbiased information!"
- correction, the news has an important RESPONSIBILITY to do so; largely they don't.  Much like everyone has the responsibility not to murder each other (see also Chicago daily murder rate).

I'm not one to be content with "because they're idiots."  It's tempting to say it's part of a brainless "anti-trump on everything" mentality.  But that doesn't really get you much of anywhere and relies solely on reinforcing stereotypes.  So for a blatant flipflop of suddenly trying to defend someone that they blamed the election on ... over something that Trump ultimately has every right to do ... there's probably an ulterior unspoken motive.

Trump said pre-election (and actually within the first week of election, once) that he would indict Hillary for Treason.  (Again, this isn't without reason, unless you played blind to all the corruption in the DNC email leaks.)  He retracted the statement shortly after ... but my suspicion is that this was simply a politically savvy move.

You have to remember that Trump's team has been expertly manipulating the VERY GULLIBLE media.
- Brief example: I believe Spicer was acting the Patsy when he made the holocaust statements.  Trump wanted to get in and take out Assad after he used the gas weapons that Hillary said he didn't have.  But if he just went in, the media would cook this against him as a warmonger.  So ... Spicer makes the dumb comment.  Now ... the news media all lambasts Spicer ... which means they all spread the news that Assad did use gas attacks which puts him on par with Hitler.  ... ultimately that's a Trump win with dealing on Syria, because ALMOST NOBODY has criticized his use of force against Assad.
- Other example is releasing his tax returns to the most viewer hungry incompetent reporter on the planet.

Being said ...
Trump lets his committee build up this massive case against Comey.  He also gives the media a chance to relive their "Hillary didn't lose the election, Comey did" rhetoric (and during this whole time they also kinda destroy any credibility to EVIL RUSSIAN HACKERS).  So now that the media is kinda stuck with pants down, Comey's no longer in there.

IF Comey was acting the patsy in botching the investigation (it's been suspected he did so in a weird attempt to paint Hillary as innocent), then that would make him a DNC stooge.  If he was a DNC stooge, working under Trump, he would have botched any further investigations against the DNC.  (given they rigged the primaries against Bernie and all that)
- With Comey now OUT of the FBI (now with good reason of incompetence put on public display) this means Trump will appoint a new director.
- With Comey gone, you can bet that a lot of other FBI agents will be receiving pink slips as well
- With the FBI cleaned, that means Hillary can be indicted and PROSECUTED for TREASON

If the regressive left's former champion of Identity Politics falls into the meat grinder of a trial for TREASON ... that kinda destroys the entire movement.  (i.m.o. that's a great thing, the whole movement is nothing but an excuse for bullying fueled by Marxist contempt and neo-puritan witchhunts)
- Frankly, it'll also make everyone who voted for Hillary feel embarrassed to.  but we'll burn that bridge when we cross it.

To me, this is why I think the left is now suddenly upset over Comey's loss of job.  They fear for the structure of their movement and the trial of Hillary.

Sorry for the long post, have a political potato…

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Just so that you're all aware = there is going to be an overhaul inbound for commission offerings.

Mainly, it's going to be a price increase that's going to result from me offering higher quality services.  So the cheapest items are generally NOT going to be on the menu (aside from chibis.  those will still be available at $10).
- I need to grow as an artist, which means doing more challenging works than "flat-color person standing".

I'm just giving everyone the heads up.

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Hey alls

So yeah, I took my small sabbatical to recouperate and reanalyze how I'm doing stuff.  I've implemented most of the changes.

So, I'll be cranking out art and commission works full steam.  woo hoo.

HOWEVER, there is a small hitch.
- I have some upcoming bills.  Mostly to deal with taxes.
- In order to accomodate for this I'll be launching a couple of promotions with priority completion.  I'll upload these later today.

Any rate, thanks for the support everyone!
I'm kicking this out here, as well as other venues (and a couple people directly as well).

Any rate, through both Patreon and customer loyalty clients can receive complimentary drawings (yay).

I'm keeping this program active.

What i am changing, though, is that these rewards will have an expiration date now.

Basically, they must be redeemed within 30 days of notification.

This is owing to a few instances of rewards stacking up, then creating uneven workloads in my process.  It's enough to somewhat hinder the completion of regular commissions.  The goal, by forcing them to be redeemed within a month of notification, is to better distribute these reward drawings throughout my workload.

- Jon
planning went something like this ...

underling "hey boss, kids are into memes, right?"

boss "that's what marketing tells us.  yeah."

underling "why don't we use one for April Fools?"

boss "yeah, let's use that toothy pear.  that's hip!"

underling "uhh, sir.  that's ... 11 years old now."

boss "And we'll tell people to  submit deviations of  it.  That's a good prank!"

underling "... fine, I'll got tell programming to get on it since you'll fire me if I don't."

boss "damned right!"


and that's why we have this sad forced fad on dA.
Unfortunately I've been dealing with some burnout as of late.  Took the past couple days off to try and recover.  May or may not take today off as well.
A big contributing factor is that I haven't been able to touch my game project in a few weeks due to keeping up on comms work.  So I'm gonna be looking at how I work stuff

Moving forward, though, I'll be doing a handful of small changes in order to adjust to the change in workload.  Thing is, my demand has actually increased quite a lot over the past few months but I was still doing a bunch of practices for low-demand artists which were bogging me down.  These are more "soft adjustments" (so it's not worth saying I thought you said that...) and I'm not 100% if I'll be doing them or not ...
- jump-ins are very likely going away.  I kinda held onto them as a courtesy, but with a looming commission list and other considerations it seems to be causing more issues than its worth
- If I do resume streams, it'll likely be without jump-in commissions
- I may be more selective on replying to answers and inquiries.  Again, this is for traffic amount and stress relief, especially when a lot of these questions are covered in FAQs (the irony being that those who ask obvious repeat questions are the ones who won't read this)

I got other things I'm looking at.  But nothing firm on the plate.

- Jon
I'll be working on commissions and such for sure.  just taking a week's break from streaming the artwork.
short sum - smaller max bust size to be drawn in commissions  (in general)
Policy change - busts by joncomms
So, I haven't been uploading quite as much this past week. I do apologize for not giving the warning a head of time.

Short sum is I've been dealing general sinus infection.  I've just been living with it, but it started to progress to ear aches.  Boo.  So I had to upgrade to anti-biotics.
Unfortunately, while it was a milder antibiotic (cedrefin) it still messed with my system pretty bad.  Generally reducing my effectiveness.

So that's where I've been - energy drained and sick.

Plus side is I finished it off last night, so I'll be back up to speed this week (and working double time to catch up).
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I'm just posting this because I'm seeing members of the Regressive Left running around screaming Hitler-Trump again.  8\

Those who are easily offended are easily manipulated.

This goes hand in hand with how I've said it's easier to convince people with emotions than facts.  Because once you get someone worked up into being offended facts no longer matter.

And I'm fully aware that i'm talking to a wall here.  Most people who are caught up in this have already religiously dedicated themselves to hating Trump and everyone who voted for him (that includes me, hyuk hyuk, time to lose snowflake viewers and friends).  Any rate, I'll post links.  Here's a starter -->…

So ... first off ... it's a TEMPORARY ban.  90 days or so, until the vetting process is reviewed.  So, in 90 days you can find something else to hate Trump over.

Any rate ... IT'S NOT A MUSLIM BAN!
I can't believe how many people I've seen toss this around.  It's a little disheartening, but at least I now know which people follow mainstream news media like good little sheep.
It's a ban on specific Jihadist-conflict zones.  The geographical/political reason is the ban.  Syria is a country, not to be confused with a religion.
Calling it a Muslim ban is kinda tagging yourself to not be taken seriously.  (It's almost as bad as blaming Russian Hackers based off a BuzzFeed article, that instantly identifies who the religiously blind are.)

And then I'm hearing this shit again: "Syrian refuges are saints and angels!"
I even saw one article headlined "not a single syrian refuge led a terror attack on US soil."  It's nice they put that distinction on there, since the European Terror attacks recently have had terrorists smuggled in via Syrian refuges.… <--- oops
It's a manufactured problem.  Terror cells in Syria cause war with local government, then they find that there's mass refuges getting free passes into other countries with minimal screening.  It's totally an open door to send out some sleeper agents to go in and raise hell at the right time.

(... of course, the Syrian issue gets awkward in a hurry when you consider Clinton/Obama ties to the region in their funding policies… ... really either looks like Gross Incompetence or Hail Hydra)

... so that's it for now.

Moral of the story: Those who are easily offended are easily manipulated.
All patrons get first dibs on the next set.  You can find out more info over here -->
It will be open to public tomorrow morning
just gonna pass on this dream i had a few months back.  seemed appropriate given the "glad it's over with" attitude I'm seeing with a lot of people and 2016.


In this dream, I found myself visiting what may as well been a Chinese witch doctor.  I was promised health, wellness, the whole kit and kaboodle.

So as I go into the office where there was countless regents, charts, and clutter on all the walls, the doctor's assistant led me to dentist's style chair and strapped me in.  So I'm expecting chiropractic or acupuncture; instead the old doctor lady grabs a box off the shelf and dumps out a variety of poisonous snakes.  She keeps them corralled close to me until one of them bites my foot which she's super happy about.  Apparently she starts reading an optimistic fortune while I'm fading out due to the venom.

When I came to, I was still in the office, drained of energy, and the doctor is kindly explaining that I needed to take it easy while the anti-venom worked its course.  Trying to piece this together I asked "so ... what was the point of having a snake poison me?"
"Oh, that was to make you stronger," she calmly replied.
Not taking her word for it, I asked again "So, am I going to have an immunity or resistance to this pain or venom?"
The old woman laughed, "no, not in the slightest.  Now you know you can survive."